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Elevated contemporary pieces, beautiful fabrics and a design ethos inspired by modern motherhood – discover a female-owned brand that stands apart for quality.


Meet the Founder

This is the story of a jet-setting party-loving fashionista who got pregnant… and thought ‘Where is my stylish life gone?” 

Founded by former journalist and mother of two Sue Carter, CARI was born out of a desire for a more elevated wardrobe for the maternity and baby years. 

"I want to make the dresses that have you excited to be pregnant and celebrating this new chapter in life. So whatever stage you are at, and wherever you are going, from the office to the beach, I hope there’s something here that makes you feel dressed to take on the world. "

And the name CARI, pronounced ‘carry’, it's a celebration of how we carry our little ones with us forever on this journey, always evolving while also trying to hold on to who we are!

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