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Article: #BumpStyle: New Mama on Duty

#BumpStyle: New Mama on Duty

#BumpStyle: New Mama on Duty

Trying to figure out what to wear gets a little more challenging as a new mother, especially when your new fashion accessory is always stealing the show! Now you need to factor in so many new clothing considerations such as wearing a baby in a sling, breastfeeding, pushing the pram everywhere and whatever little surprises new mother life throws at you. For those a little lost for inspiration, we’ve put together some stylish outfits and street style from our favourite fashion influencers, for a new mother capsule wardrobe that can see you through those first few crazy weeks.

Discover our style guide for the new mother phase below.

A fabulous coat, cardigan or kimono is your go-to item.

It’s the perfect solution for elevating your new daily uniform of leggings, just throw on that beautifully coat over and you’re ready to go anywhere. There’s also a lovely sense of comfort to being able to wrap yourself up during those early weeks.

Add in a few on-trend baby accessories, like Lisbon-style influencer Mafalda Patrício’s gingham bags and blankets from Walking Mum for the ultimate street style.

Still as sophisticated, but just a little more practical than pre-pregnancy.

For the fashionistas, new motherhood doesn’t mean you have to tone down your style; it’s about considering how to adapt your wardrobe to better suit this new lifestyle when comfort is likely to be top of the agenda as your postpartum body recovers. 

We love how the fashion influencer Hazel Aybak still looks incredibly glam walking her 2-month-old baby, swapping the heels for trainers delivers a dressed down version of a very classic style.

New lifestyle, new approach.

Baby sling and a curled up sleeping newborn call for a more relaxed dress code: favouring  sweaters and tops as a more comfortable choice for you and baby, and add a top layer that wraps around your bodies, keeping it versatile, simple, and fuss free.

Irish influencer Louise Cooney’s contemporary beach-walk look is very on-trend and practical too. And since you'll be wearing the baby sling every day, make it part of your new mama wardrobe - so many stylish choices on the market now.  

Elevate the basics with statement accessories.

A picture that sums up new mother life: feeding on the park bench in the rain. While you may now have to consider so many new factors to your postpartum outfits, don’t let it hold you back from embracing your own style. We love how Danish influencer Trine Kjaer’s pink Addidas elevate her simple everyday outfit to fashion mama status. 

Dress up when you have the opportunity!

After 9 months of pregnancy, when you can often feel limited in fashion choices, and a new routine of feeding, changing nappies and nighttime awakenings, it’s easy to start wondering what has happened to your life. It can feel really good to get dressed up again - even if it’s just for a little outing.

At CARI we love Lisbon fashion influencer Teresa de Lima Mayer’s new mother style, and how she brings so much fun to her outfits. Take this as your inspiration to break out of the leggings and indulge your fashion desires.

For more new mother style ideas, check out CARI’s New Mother Capsule Collection here.

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